Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spanish Class

Last Thursday I slept through my first class (whoops!) but I was able to make it today.  My teacher is a beautiful little woman with a lively and adorable personality that promises to genuinely laugh at your joke, even if it’s not a good one.  The class was mad chill and reminded me of high school.  I got a worksheet for homework.  A worksheet!  I’ve missed those more than I’d realized.  But really, I already learned some good stuff from this woman.  Picked up a substantial list of colloquial vocab—my favorite, since I want to know how to chill with people in Spanish; not read literature in it.  I learned “meter la pata,” which literally translates as: to put your foot in the wrong place.  But it’s used to express doing or saying something that’s inappropriate or wrong, like laughing at a funeral.  Or, less severe, like when I stepped into a bar/café and asked the waiter, “Should I sit?”  “¿Que?”—he asked.  “Should I SIT?”  What I was actually saying was: “Should I feel?  Should I FEEL?!”  (sentir=to feel; sentar=to sit)  Poor waiter probably thought he was gonna have to play therapist to some PMSing foreigner.

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