Thursday, January 27, 2011


Tonight I got lost (shut up, Mike) trying to get home.  I had been wandering for nearly an hour.  I finally said to myself: That's it!  I'm not taking any more shit from my intuition!  I am going to make it lead me directly home NOW!  I began to march in one direction and halted at something I saw.  On the back of a street sign there was graffiti that said JILLI with an arrow pointing to the right!  I couldn't believe it.  I had recently been thinking that there might be a God who looks out for us after all, and I took this to be definitive evidence.  Heart pumping, I turned right and sped along the sidewalk.  After three minutes, however, it began to look like the projects.  And it smelled like horse manure.  And there were hoodlums spray painting some shit.  I was much farther from my apartment than before.  There's no fucking God, fuck him, I thought.  I looked down at my feet.  I had stepped in horse manure.


  1. if you're reading this comment area, you deserve to be told that the last sentence is not true. Everything else was though! That sign really was there. And it really did smell like horse manure the in the projects. Forgive me for my lie, but I gotta keep you comin back to read!

  2. Haha I loved it!!! You're the best jilli! love youuu